Thomas Gunning

Winner 404 Week 1 2018 - Jaguar XE S + £20K Cash
The day that I won the Dream Car Competition with BOTB was the best and most bizarre day of my life so far. My girlfriend had been keeping the secret from the day before and told me that a parcel had arrived for me - I could never have expected a parcel this incredible! The whole service from BOTB was amazing. After Christian came and surprised us I was able to go and test drive the car from the Jaguar dealership nearby, I then had a couple of pleasant phone calls with BOTB HQ who guided me through everything I needed to do to have the money arrive in my account.
To anyone out there who wants a chance to have an amazing car - try BOTB - go for it! 
Thanks so much BOTB for everything!

Tom Harvey

Winner 402 Week 51 2017 - Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS + £20K Cash

What a fantastic Christmas! I was invited around my parents for breakfast when, to my surprise, Christian turned up to the front door! I really could not believe my eyes, I instantly knew who he was as I watch the winners videos almost every week. I was speechless. Ive always enjoyed watching the look on peoples faces and the shock but I can honestly say watching my video back, you cannot prepare yourself for the sense of excitement that moment brings, it is utterly amazing and to be honest it still hasn't sunk in.

One unforgettable part was the week my partner complained about me wasting my money on this competition when Christmas was coming up. On the day I won, she turned to me and said “I'm so glad you never listen to me”.

From start to finish BOTB have been fantastic and I can't thank them enough... Now just waiting to collect my car!



Lennart Burzlaff

Winner 399 Week 48 2017 - TVR Griffith + £20K Cash

BOTB drew my attention when they were given a shoutout by a sponsored youtube channel that I had subscribed to. I never thought much about gambling and lotteries but when I looked at how it works and what you can win I decided to give it a try. I didn't set my mind on a particular car, just played for whatever caught my attention, I didn't really believe that I would win anyway. You read or hear about people winning something all the time, but you don't really believe it could be you. You just hope. When i saw a UK number displayed on my phone (I don't live in the UK so it was obvious who it was from) I got so excited! Heart racing, adrenaline flowing, a feeling you don't get any day. I was at work and couldn't take a vid call for different reasons. So I rushed home on my bike to take the call, unable to grasp that it had actually happened. I think i won't fully understand it until i take a seat (and of course a drive) when the car is shipped (production hasn't yet begun).

I want to thank BOTB for all the long term work they are doing to make it possible for me to have such an exclusive car, thus making a dream come true!


Chris Sleight

Winner 398 Week 47 2017 - Audi RS4 + £20k Cash

It was by chance that I was off work on the Tuesday, due to sad personal reasons, but the day changed when the wife suddenly called out that 'a strange man was coming to the door'. As I came down the stairs I could see who it was through the glass plus the cameraman behind Christian gave it away. I have watched so many videos of people winning on the site and it felt as if I was watching one again, total shock. The next half an hour I was on a different planet. I started playing BOTB once a month at the end of 2016 after seeing a TV advert but started playing once a week online through 2017 and kept winning game credit and using that to keep on playing. I came close a few times, starting listening to winners tactics and watched a few of the judges videos and was lucky enough to win a new Audi RS4. It goes to show that anyone can win, you just have to play. Many thanks to everyone at BOTB for making dreams come true. Best of luck, Chris.


Ralph Talabi

Winner 395 Week 44 2017 - Mercedes C250d AMG Line

On Tues 7th Nov (what a day!), I was waiting on a few books ordered from Amazon, when I heard the buzzer with a voice saying “delivery!” I never thought much more than the expected books - I didn’t even notice the BOTB logo on Christian’s t-shirt! Walking closer to me I thought "I've seen that face before!", but I couldn’t remember where from. He must have introduced himself, then it hit me - BOTB! Could I have won something? Still in shock, we walked out the front where a Mercedes C250d AMG was waiting - what a surprise!

It’s still surreal to me how a £2-odd ticket could have won a top of the range Mercedes AMG. My return on total investment is probably the highest comparatively with anything I have done. Having been close several times, I started watching and giving more attention to the Judging videos and using the tools on the website to improve my chances… Bingo!

It is what it says on the tin: “BEST OF THE BEST”! Great experience, great customer service, I even got a congratulatory call from the CEO. Absolutely nothing like it. I have since downloaded and watched my winning video over and over again, as I still can’t believe I actually won. With little or no football skills, a touch of luck and a lot of God on your side it can be YOU next. Anyone can win. All my friends are now playing - it’s the best!


Bamidele Johnson

Winner 394 Week 43 2017 - BMW X6 M50d

It was only my very first time entering the competition and I really didn't have any expectations of winning my dream car. I didn't think the odds were in my favour but, to my amazement, I see Christian at my door with a brand new BMW! 

It was surreal and of course a miracle, as i believe strongly in the miraculous blessing of God. I am thankful to Jesus Christ and to BOTB for making Christmas come early for my family and I.


Roger Bryce

Winner 393 Week 42 2017 - Mercedes C43 AMG + £20K Cash

The visit by Christian on Tuesday totally blindsided me! I had absolutely no idea it was going to be me. 

People keep asking me if it’s sunk in yet and I don’t believe it has. I’ve been totally useless at work. I keep zoning out, thinking back to Tuesday or what the car will look like, did it really happen, nah it didn’t, did it? When I snap out of it it’s usually to people laughing at me saying “there he is, he’s back in the room”. 

I play for the car, always have, always will. The car means a lot to me. It’s an amazing opportunity to own a brand new car that no one else will have driven other than me on the road. It’s something that most people will never get to experience. I’ve always been a Mercedes fan and I’ve had to watch in awe and I’ll admit some jealousy as friends have bought them over the years, mainly classics but still Mercedes all the same. Now it’s my turn and it’s a brand new shiny AMG! 

Thank you so much to everyone of you for making all this possible. 


Graham Noakes

Winner 390 Week 39 2017 - Jaguar XE S + £20K Cash

I started playing BOTB after coming across their stand at an airport almost 10 years ago.  Having discovered that the game could be played online, I have played from time to time ever since. The fact I had only played a handful of times in 2017 proves that anyone can win! 

The challenge of spotting the ball makes this more fun for me than doing the national lottery. My preference for BOTB paid off handsomely when Christian and Dave arrived on Tuesday to surprise me with my win - A Jaguar XE S PLUS £20,000!  I had often dreamed of winning and being able to surprise the family but the tables were turned with this win.  My wife and children all knew of my win on the Monday and contrived to ensure I would be at home when Christian arrived.  The utter surprise is clear from my reaction on the video of the presentation - I was totally stunned! 

The whole experience has been fantastic and the post-presentation arrangements by all at BOTB has been absolutely first-class.


Paul Thorpe

Winner 389 Week 38 2017 - Audi RS3 + £20K Cash

To everyone at BOTB, I want to say thank you for a brilliant day today. I absolutely love my Audi RS3. The car and the £20,000 has made a big difference to our lives. After so many nearly wins it was a total shock to finally get the knock at the door. I hope everyone at BOTB has a brilliant Christmas and a fantastic 2018.


Raymond Nathan

Winner 388 Week 37 2017 - Mercedes AMG GT + £20K Cash

Well what can I say - being woken up at 4am Mexico time and told you have won the car plus £20 grand as well, I could not believe it! Never thought it could be me - been on a high since the phone call, bottles & bottles of champagne drunk!

What a way to start a holiday and our ruby wedding anniversary, it was well worth doing it and as the saying goes - you've got to be in it to win it! Thank you BOTB.


Murray Storm

Winner 386 Week 35 2017 - Skoda Octavia vRS 245 DSG + £20K Cash
Tuesday the 5th September 2017 is a date I'll not forget! I'd played semi-regularly through the website since first seeing the BOTB stand at Gatwick airport a few years ago. 

I'd always said to my wife Claire that I was quite confident I'd win it one day - I'd been very close before and actually a runner up a couple of times, however I'll be honest and say that more recently I'd started to doubt my previous optimism a bit!

So just a normal Tuesday at work, then around lunchtime my colleague asked me to come out to reception to help him with something and hiding around the corner was Christian from BOTB! I'm pretty familiar with the surprise process having seen it many times before online but for it to happen to me in person was such a great experience and I was honestly a bit gobsmacked!

The car I won was the new Octavia VRS245 DSG, a fantastic hot hatch for the family man, and I'm taking delivery in late December/early January. I think actually picking up the car it will properly sink in at that point, but in the meantime BOTB have sent the £20,000 cash prize which is going to pay off my current car and a credit card, finish our garden renovation, book a a nice family holiday for next year and put some money set aside to cover baby expenses as my wife is expecting our second child in Jan 2018... it really couldn't have come at a better time!

To anyone reading this that's playing/considering playing, you've just as much chance as anyone else and if i can win, anyone can!!


Dominic Smith

Winner 385 Week 34 2017 - BMW M3

I've been playing online for years now. I love the game and always wished it could be me, but sadly, it never was. I was always happy for the other winners who were smiling on my screen though - that gave me hope.

But one week my whole luck changed - I played my game and 2 days later I got a call from Christian asking me to Facetime him! It can't be I thought?? I was so nervous. I called back and there he was, a beaming smile telling me i was this week's winner. I'm still in a daze about the whole thing! It couldn't have come at a better time as I'm planning to get married next year!

It takes skill, it takes practice, it takes persistence and it takes a bit of luck. And i feel so blessed to be one of the lucky ones! Keep on playing and keep an eye on your phone, because the next call could be you! Thank you all of the staff at Best of the Best - such a great team!


Robert Dowdell

Winner 384 Week 33 2017 - Range Rover Evoque

I've played BOTB for several years, often receiving credits for near misses. But nothing compares with that call from Christian informing me that I had won the weekly competition and was to be the proud owner of a Range Rover Evoque.
Ironically I was at a car dealer having my car repaired, so the timing couldn't have been better. The BOTB team have been fantastic and I cannot praise them enough for their professionalism and how friendly they have been throughout.


Mark Hyde

Winner 382 Week 31 2017 - Audi RS3

I am genuinely in debt to the BOTB team and William for coming up with this competition to allow 'Joe / Josie'  from down the street to win and own a real dream car. For a car nut like me it's simply beyond words.

As for the car itself - the picture tells the story. My daughter, who was also there on the day, thought there would be more scoops and spoilers, but this car is quite understated. Once she heard the engine and felt the acceleration she realised ...... a real Q car from old!

Many, many thanks again to all at the BOTB for making this happen and so smoothly. I wish you all every success for the future!


Steve Fletcher

Winner 381 Week 30 2017 - Ford Focus RS

On the day I remember Christian coming to my house and I was supposed be leaving for Paris to do a delivery. I had to delay the trip while it sunk in and was in a complete daze the whole way there.

It's been so exciting in the build up to collecting my car - I’ve not been able to sleep much and I’ve felt like a kid at Christmas! Thank you BOTB!


Roman Krochuk

Winner 380 Week 29 2017 - Mercedes SL63 AMG
I started playing BOTB a few years back while flying though Birmingham, when I saw the stand in the Departure Lounge. A few hours to wait for a plane and a few pounds in the pocket - that's how it started! Playing from time to time, it's always been an experience of checking in once in a while and cheering for the lucky guys.

One Tuesday morning I was home after spending 20+ hours working offshore at the drilling rig. Writing a report, having a shower and getting to bed. I was awoken 1 hour later by the phone, and Christian introducing himself. The line broke and I crawled out to my office checking out the phone. I realized there were a few messages from BOTB, and a video call followed.

Sleepy, impressed, shocked, intrigued, there was this moment of realizing this is a call from THAT company, and trying to remember which cars I played for. The only phrase I recall saying was something about this car being a beauty.

The realisation came hours and days later. The close ones responded cheerfully, and one of the guys at work came to know. One of them also plays BOTB and he caught up with me a few days later being all surprised. "you, was that really you?", the conversation started...

I've become a little story among friends and family, and BOTB has become a website my friends are now visiting regularly!


Jeremy Crawley

Winner 379 Week 28 2017 - Mercedes C250D AMG Line + £20K Cash
When Christian walked in with the video camera guy behind him I didn't know what to expect (movie improv routine?) but seeing the BOTB logo on Christian's gilet was such a surprise I didn't know what to say! It all happened so fast, my head was pounding and i couldn't compose a coherent response!

The team was efficient, friendly and they clearly worked hard to setup beforehand to make it a memorable experience.  The feeling of butterflies when you realise who it is and then what you're in for...approaching your new car is indescribable! The photoshoot with it was great, I couldn't believe it was happening just like the other winners I'd seen, but this time in the local area I know well - the local press even covered it, I felt like a local celebrity!

All of my friends seem to be playing now as well. I can't help rewatching the video, grinning from ear to ear every time - a fantastic day, brilliantly executed!


David Tan

Winner 371 Week 20 2017 - Lexus RC-F
While I was in London on a business trip in June, I took the opportunity to pop over to Amsterdam for a visit. While waiting for my EasyJet flight, I chanced upon the BOTB booth and was asked if I wanted to participate in the game. As I still had some time before my departure, I enquired about the draw and being convinced, I paid a few pounds to participate.

On my return, I received a phone call but refused to take it as the number on my mobile was not from someone I knew. Later while at a cafe, I had free wifi so responded with a whatsapp call and was told I was the winner of that week. I did not believe it as I thought it was a scam and fake call. However a Mr. Christian was able to convince me and I took a taxi to the BOTB office just to be 100% sure that the caller and the company were genuine. I arrived at their office and was invited to a room where several BOTB staff came to congratulate me - they took photographs and I was given a bottle of champagne!

I want to say that not only is the draw genuine but the BOTB staff all stand up to their tag line of the Best of the Best in all aspects of professionalism and mannerism. I have read various reviews that this company scams people through this draw but let me have the last word, I am a Singaporean, was in UK only for about two weeks or so, no one coaxed me to buy but I did and I won!

BOTB is indeed the Best of The Best. Like me, just go and participate and you will never know, you may win that dream car!


Neil Read

Winner 365 Week 14 2017 - Porsche 718 Cayman S

I often walk past the BOTB stand at Stansted Airport, but this time - spurred on by my son - I stopped to play.....and I'm so glad I did. I never dreamt I would win but, within two days, Christian and the BOTB team had conspired with my wife to surprise me at work with a brand new Porsche Cayman S.
I couldn't believe it....and, if you watch me on the BOTB channel, you'll see just how shocked I was!! The car is now ordered and I have just a few weeks until it's delivered - I can't wait!! Thanks to everyone at BOTB for making it possible.